Universal pulsegenerator

The CNC universal pulsgenerator has now also PWM ( 13-06-2011 )

Universal Pulsegenerator UPTG3-32

With the universal CNC pulsgenerator UPTG3-32 you can control a driver that needs a step and direction signal. This means you can test the proper function of that driver. Also this pulsegenerator can be used to drive one of our HF spindle/driver sets, controlling the speed of the HF spindle by means of a potentionmeter. Starting from version 3 it can also be used as a PWM generator for a high power relais to controll for example the speed of a 1 Kw 24 Vdc electromotor. Also both a steppermotor or a servomotor can be controlled with a simple program ( inside the pulsegenerator ). This pulsgenerator is also programmable. For high frequencys, this needs to be programmed in assembler. For low frequencys, this can be done in for example C++. Standard it has the frequency and the PWM programm inside, so ready to use.


Includes 220 V USB adapter, USB cable ,pulsegenerator and 10 K log potmeter..

Ordering code : UPTG3-32

Price 34,95 euro incl VAT ( 29,37 excl VAT ).

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