CNC Breakoutboards for a LPT port

CNC Breakoutboard simple ( clasic )

With a CNC Breakoutboard you can controll a CNC system through a LPT port of a computer. One cnc-breakoutboard can for example controll 4 relais, 5 switches and 4 stepper or servomotors. Any other combination is of course also posible, like 6 steppermotors and 5 switches at the same time.

CNC Simpel Breakoutboard PDF datasheet

Breakoutboard Simpel ( clasic ) without kabels 8,36 ( ex. VAT ) 9,95 ( in. VAT )

Breakoutboard Simpel ( clasic ) with USB and LPT cable and a 5V adapter 12,56 ( ex. VAT ) 14,95 ( in. VAT )

CNC Breakoutboard amp


This breakoutboard has 4 relais with goldplated contacts and replacable amplifiers in the form of 3 pcs 74HCT573 drivers. Those can be repaced ( if needed ) by other types to match logic levels. The board can be configured to wait for a few seconds after powerup before being active, or wait until a chargepump signal ( mach3 ) is detected on pin 1 of the LPT input. In the latter case, the relais connected to pin 1 is not able to switch anymore. Furthermore external solidstate relais can be connected to an aditional connector, to switch even higher loads.

Breakoutboard Amp no cables 25,17 ( ex VAT ) 29,95 ( in VAT ) Code : BreakoutF

Breakoutboard Amp with USB, LPT cable and 5V adapter 29,37 ( ex. VAT ) 34,95 ( in. VAT ) Code : BreakoutF+C

CNC Breakoutboard preliminairy datasheet

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