Low cost aluminium CNC profiles

Aluminium profil ALU1-30x60-CNC can be used to make a cheap and simple rail..

One example of a possible application is a slider for a photo or movie camera.

As carriage can a short piece of ALU1-20x80 be used, minimal lengte 85 mm.Longer is of course posible, shorter hardly ( otherwise the bearings won't fit ). Longer is for example needed if there needs to be a counter weight for a camera.

In this example, the weels are made of SLM1-m4-6 ( nut ), IM1-M4x20 ( screw ), plastic tube M4, IVLM1-13-6-4 ( V-shaped metal ball bearing ), NM1-M4 ( nut ). Total price is 2,56 incl VAT/set ( one weel ).

Total 1 carriage IN PARTS ( 85 mm aluminium 20x80 and 4 sets V-shaped bearings with mounting parts ) is 13,50 incl VAT.

Aluminium profil you will find here, with prices.

Maximum length of the aluminium cnc profil ( in one piece ) is 6 meter. By connecting them together they can be made longer of course.

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