CNC material new

On this CNC new material page we will occasionally put CNC material we have, but not enough time to put all information on the internet.

This CNC list is far from complete!

cnc stappenmotors with build in drivers ( step/dir or rs232 or can-bus ).

cnc stappenmotor with build-in driver/pulsgenerator ( start/stop, left/right, potmeter for speed )

low cost complete linear systems ( timingbelt, carriage, steppermotor with driver )

Rack and pigneons module 2.0 ( 20x20, hardened , antirust, drilled )

Rack and pigneons module 2.5 ( 25x25, hardened, antirust, predrilled )

gearboxes ( wormwiel en planetaire )

CNC energychains up to internal size of 70x70 mm

Servomotor sets 1 Kw, 1.5 Kw, 3 Kw, 4 Kw

3 Phase steppermotors and 3 phase steppermotordrivers

Length systemen with barcodereader and PLC

Photography sets ( rotate, take picture, rotate, etc. )

Solidstate relais ( o.a. 3 phase )

Industrial endswitches ( heavy )

57HS13 steppermotors

Nema 17 en 11 steppermotors

Steppermotors with internal nut

Stappermotors with hollow shaft

Steppermotors with monting holes for an encoder

HF spindle with automatic toolchanger ( ATC )

Powersupplys ( example. 2 X 60 V 5 A, usable for experiments with EDM ).


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